Streetjesus Turns Four

Today, Streetjesus turns four years old. That’s kind of a big deal for me considering I never thought it would live to see an entire year. Though now, as we approach the fourth X Games and second Winter Olympics in the history of the site, I can’t imagine not having this project in my life. I’m fully aware (more aware than anyone else) that I haven’t been posting much as of late. I’m also aware that another post explaining why this happened would be a complete waste of everyone’s time.

So what I’ve decided to do instead is dispense with the pity-part crap I’ve often thought of spitting out, in favor of something that is more what Streetjesus should be about; the positives. This site and the projects that have come along with it have changed my life for the better, and opened my eyes to a handful of people, places, and things that continue to make me smile on a daily basis.

One such thing is the aforementioned X Games, and while I have been fully aware of them since their inception, I’ve gained an increased appreciation of the event over the last 10 years or so. This year marks a special occasion, as the Games are once again a precursor to the Winter Olympics, which will for the first time include both ski and snowboard slopestyle. While this is not news for most of you, the reason I feel like it is such a big deal is because of the fact that it is truly indicative of the growth our sports are experiencing.

Four years ago when this whole thing started we watched as Shaun White brought home another Olympic gold. While his riding was solid, we were forced once again to see our sport represented in a way that was loved by the FIS and moms in the fly-over states rather than what it is really all about. That all changes this year as the X Games slopestyle contest will serve as the final tune-up for the first Olympic contesting in the history of the discipline.

The point I’m getting at is that over the last four years, action sports has continued to grow and slowly but surely seems to be figuring out its true identity. We are now living in an era where pro skateboarders have a legitimate high-profile contest series in the form of Street League and will likely join their snow season counterparts on the world’s biggest stage before too long. We are also seeing ski and snowboard athletes coming into their own and beginning to carve out a lasting image that we can all be incredibly proud of.

I guess at the end of the day action sports has always been and will continue to be about a natural progression that reflects the feelings, emotions and personality of the people who live within their culture. The same could be said for Streetjesus and myself as we both continue to evolve, albeit at a sometimes-slower pace than we’d often like. Over the last four years a lot has changed and it is because of those changes that SJ and myself alike can be proud of the lasting image that is starting to take shape. While they may bear fewer and fewer resemblances to the site and person that began this conversation more than 1,400 days and 600 posts ago, there are plenty of things to be proud of and there are certainly more to come.

So as I sit back and look at everything that has happened since the Red Bull piece from 2010, as I do every year at this time, I do it fondly. This is because I know that action sports will always be in my heart and a driving force in my life. The people and experiences it has presented make me a better person every single day. Should the memorable moments come every day, or only every six months, I will always be grateful for Streetjesus and what it has brought.