What Happened To Streetjesus?

I haven’t posted something live to Streetjesus since January 26, a six-month span that feels closer to a year or two for myself. In addition to this gap feeling monumental on my end, the ever-evolving world of the Internet appears to have all but forgotten about this little project.

It doesn’t bother me that the traffic to the site has more or less slowed to a halt, what does get to me a little bit is the fact that the people I once had constant communication with have become a much smaller part of my daily life. I just read a piece by my friend Linden Wilcox about how networking and building relationships are two drastically different things and I could not agree more. I feel that over the course of the last three and a half years, SJ has built something that more closely resembles a family, than a following. I feel like the absence of recent content has both let that family down as well as slightly alienated them.

So to the ones who are reading this, I must first offer my apologies and second offer some semblance of a reason for what has happened to Streetjesus. Since I just said I am sorry, let’s move on to the reasons. Truth be told, I am exhausted. A little over a year ago I embarked on a new phase of a journey that I have started to call a ‘career’ and throughout this year I have felt myself slowly moving further away from the things which were once the sole focus of my life. Not that I have stopped caring about action sports by any stretch of the imagination, if anything the passion I have for them has grown because of this. Unfortunately due to other professional commitments I have had substantially less time to sit in front of this old, beat up computer and talk to my family about what is currently happening in our world.

The combination of getting paid to focus my attention on things that I am still wrapping my head around, brought together with no longer getting paid to do what I love has been taxing to say the very least. Since last September I have taken a step away from lifestyle-based retail and that was the first apparent move toward this downfall. After that it became increasingly apparent that I no longer fit the roll I had been filling as lead content provider for www.therooster.ca, which is a blog closely associated with the shop I was working for. As of May I was relieved of those duties and for the past 8 weeks I have more or less felt like someone shot me.

I used to feel a fire when I woke up in the morning, which compelled me to talk to all of you about action sports and the people making this world turn. While I haven’t lost that fire, but I have found myself lacking the energy to write content that is meaningful enough to post on Streetjesus. Then, as I was sitting here, working on a piece for a company whose sole purpose is the promotion of mainstream sports I came across a video which comes from two sources I have a deep-seeded love for; Corona, and Dylan Rieder. The piece, which is entitled ‘Residency’ was found on a link from a similar video done with Kelly Slater, who I spent the early part of the week watch destroy Fiji on the world tour. In his rendition of the short documentary Rieder talks about getting tired of doing things on the agenda of other people.

While I am extremely grateful for the current opportunities I have been given I do, as do most people, feel like it takes away from the things I do for me. That is quite possibly the biggest ‘broken record’ statement I will ever make in my life, boo-hoo I have no time for me. The thing about it is, until someone offers me some cash for doing this, Streetjesus is a hobby and unfortunately I have to keep my priorities straight.

Right now however, I have found some time for myself, and once again I have delicious beer and the unbelievable style and talents of Dylan Rieder to thank for discovering said time. So after saying all of that, apologies for being long-winded…Again, I hope we can all move on and get back to talking about the things that really matter, on a more regular basis.

For now though, watch the video. Dylan kills it, with his usual ‘no fucks given’ style and Corona remains likely the most delicious beverage in the world. Take care everyone and thanks for continuing to walk with us.


**Note: If anyone from Corona is reading this, send beer!

Residency: Dylan Rieder from Corona Extra on Vimeo.