Streetjesus Turns Three

What started as a passing interest was quickly turned into a complete, life-altering passion the likes of which I had never felt before, thanks to the help of a few key individuals who came into my life in various capacities. For nearly the last decade my daily routine has truly been the stuff dreams are made of, especially as I said, the last three years.

On January 22, 2010 a dude I met through a mutual friend over drinks at a pub sat beside me as I hit the “Publish” button on this site for the very first time. In the days that have followed Streetjesus has been my first thought every morning, or late afternoon as I open my eyes and roll out of bed. Although lately I have been forced to spend far less time on this project than I would like, the ironic thing is that SJ is actually the reason I find myself in this position.

The thing is that when “Red Bull : Charging It” went live, I had never written a thing in my life, outside of a few high school English papers which I’m sure were somewhere south of spectacular. Over the course of the years that have passed since then, Streetjesus has enabled me to work with a variety of companies on projects seen all over the world and theoretically filled my time to the point where it must now take a back seat.



When it began Streetjesus was all about passion and two stubborn shop kids who were determined not to let the status-quo, society norms, or “The Man” determine the course that our lives would take. Safe to say that the direction that we have moved in is proof that this mindset and the ideals that go along with it have done their job and then some.

While Jeff Schmid parted ways with Streetjesus on a tangible level in the fall of 2011, the contributions he continues to make are felt on a daily basis, now almost more than ever. A large part of why he chose to step away was so he could pursue his dream which, if you ask him or happen to follow him online you can see he is definitely doing. At the end of the day, Streetjesus was born out of pure stoke for a lifestyle and a set of goals that we swore we would never stop chasing and I am happy to see, through thick and thin this is still very much the truth.

While life has seen many of the people who helped get this project off the ground head in countless different directions, I feel like I can speak for a lot of them when I say that it has served to bring us all closer together. Growth is a natural part of life and I am happy to say that the people I now call my “Streetjesus Family” have helped me grow personally more than I ever thought I could.

I however, am not the only one who has seen growth, nor will any of this growth stop any time soon. We have been fortunate enough to see things like Anthony Hollick go from riding on soybean money to having his name on the Dean’s List at UCF. Dylan Miller has gone from rigging so he could ride to becoming one of the biggest names in wakeboarding today. JC Lipon went from rocking Streetjesus stickers on his wakeboard to rocking his country across his chest at the IIHF World Junior Hockey Championships. Jesse Bryksa went from a longhaired kid from out of town, to one of my best friends and a major reason why this site still exists. As for Justin Bryksa, he went from a wild party animal to a wild party animal that can legally fly an airplane. I haven’t even mentioned names like Kieran Nikula, Emma Whitman, Blade Cleaver and Baylan McGraw who I’ve never even met, but continue to motivate me on a daily basis to do what I do and never lay down for anything.

There are too many people to name as far as those who have gotten Streetjesus and myself to the point where we are today, but you know who you are and I’d like this to serve as a thank you with my whole heart for everything you have done.

We have now, undoubtedly reached the point where I am beginning to ramble because I can’t gather all my thoughts and place them on this page in a succinct manner, so I will take this time to apologize for that and I promise if you are still reading that there is not much left to be said.

The reason I wanted to do something like this was not for my own gratification or as an effort to pat myself on the back for the accomplishments that SJ has amassed over the last three years. While I am incredibly proud of the resume Streetjesus now boasts, I know it is not my own. I also know that this community, and this project still have a long way to go and in another few years time this post will likely be a point form list of all the ways Streetjesus and this family killed it over the previous year.

I would like to point out a few things though, as I feel they have been paramount in getting things to this point. To the people at Element including Greg Jackson, Ed Lachelt and everyone on the marketing team who made “Party at The Plaza” happen, thank you for opening my eyes to event production and just how stoked kids get off stickers. To Drew McQuat and the Vans family, as well as the artists who contributed, The Owl Bar and Colter from Coda Clothing & Shoes thanks for making “One For The Kids” a reality. Of course thank you to The Saskatchewan Children’s Hospital Foundation for showing me how good it feels to give back. To Nicole Romanoff, Daniella Macri, my homegirl Lauren O’Neil and everyone else at Coca-Cola for all you have done to involve us with Vitamin Water, including what may have been my first real writing job, I don’t know how to thank you enough. To Brendan Thibault for making us a part of the Deadweight family, it means the world. Of course Daryl, Brent (good luck at 686) and the countless other people at Spy Optic, your ongoing support is a driving factor that cannot be measured. To the people like Sal Masekela, Jamie O’Brien and the numerous others that have given us a presence online, we would never be where we are without you. Yes, even you Rottmouth, you asshole.

Lastly and again, I am forgetting a massive group of people, but to Pete Andersen, Shaun Tiegen, Christine Hawk, Tia King, Mike Haney, Teddy Bess, Jennifer Swain, Valerie Gee and everyone else at Spy back in 2007 who showed me I could have a career in this industry long before I ever thought it possible, I wouldn’t have begun to dream about all of this without you.

Now I guess its time to go back to the couch and keep preparing myself for the X Games, yet again. Only now it means a lot more to me than it ever has before. Not unlike some other people who have also impacted this site. That though, that’s a whole different story. Good luck this weekend boys, I can’t wait to talk all about it on my own little piece of action sports paradise.

Happy Birthday Streetjesus,
Thanks for all the gifts you have given me.