Thursday 12 August, 2010

Inbox: with Craig Mcmorris

How do you summarize this Craig Mcmorris character? You might know him as the guy who is always scooping up Sasktel Jibfest titles. You might know him as the guy charging sliders at Sasktel Summer Invasion every year. Or maybe you just know him as I did at first… a funny, super nice dude just chillin in […]

How do you summarize this Craig Mcmorris character?

You might know him as the guy who is always scooping up Sasktel Jibfest titles. You might know him as the guy charging sliders at Sasktel Summer Invasion every year. Or maybe you just know him as I did at first… a funny, super nice dude just chillin in some Leboldus Golden Suns sweatpants.

Either way, we love Craig. I don’t really know what else to say… he just kicks balls. Here’s the interview:

streetjesus: So Craig, thanks for taking some time to chill with SJ. What’s goin on right now man? The summer after graduation… shenanigans?

Craig Mcmorris: An incredible amount of shenanigans like obnoxious amounts! from a week in Camp of champions with ONEILL to the Off Axis summer invasion to everything in between! i would say a fair amount of shenanigans were had and the best part is that its just getting started!

You gonna miss high school? I know you were a pretty big football star…

I just like to hit kids, thats the only fun part in football! I know i wont miss high school because i still hang out with lots of my friends but i also get to do way cooler things then sit in a class room. I am really looking forward to the winter without school, because i can go where ever I please!

When’s the last time you wore Leboldus Golden Suns sweatpants?

The last time i wore my maroon and golds, was definitely two days ago while practicing some double flips on my trampoline! those sweat pants have been through everything!

Alright, on to what we are here to talk about… action sports! So I was just watching the Nuulife Cinema Superpark edit… in the video it looks like you overshoot that jump by at least double haha… how far did you go on that thing?

Ya that was a good time!! The jump was about 108 to the knuckle so i went probably 30 to 40 past the knuckle you do the math! I was lucky though some people like jermey thompson over shot it way worse. i also knuckled that jump once and that was a whole lot of no fun! it was a pretty intimidating jump but once you hit it a couple times it wasnt that bad!

What are some of the gnarliest tricks you put down this past season?

WOW WOW WOW thats confidential!! you are going to have to check out this years snowboard movie No Joke by nuulife films. Its a free download so there is no reason to not watch it haha! you can see all of my new tricks in that!

Any contest victories to report?

The last contest i won was against mark on the golf course i crushed him. Other then that not to many there are a couple wakeboard contest coming up so will see. I hope i have a lot to report this winter!

Well you did win Jibfest too… I saw you. Speaking of Jibfest, if you had to choose between jumping and jibbing, for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

Definitely jumping, I get to do a lot of jibbing here but its hard to find a big safe jump so when I get the opportunity its always jumping! plus you can get sick air time of jumps!

Jibfest win. Photo: Luke Sitter Photography

Who are some wakeboarders and snowboarders you look up to?

There are so many people I look up to in both sports! in wakeboarding obviously the whole Saskatchewan crew Dylan, Adam, Anthony, Ashley, and Braden there are also many more but those are the people I have found who push me the most and have a huge impact on how I wakeboard! On the Snowboarding side of things i would have to say that Russel Davis was the guy who got me to start travelling and really into jumping. I also really look up to the whole O’Neill team, Mark Seb and Eric but most of all Max Henault. He knows more about snowboarding then anybody. He knows everyone in the industry and can teach you pretty much any trick you want to learn! I also really look up to James and justin over at Class 5 snowboards they are the coolest people and have done a lot for me and snowboarding in saskatchewan!

What is a typical day wakeboarding with the Burwell crew like?

hahah well i dont get to shred with bwell that much because he is very busy with his wakeboard school Grass Roots. Give him a shout if you need some lessons cause he is the best! but a usual day for me is to wake up eat some cheerios go for a wakeboard at my place come back eat a cinnamon bun and two hot dogs go out again wakeboard and wakeskate! then some supper and go out and shred till its dark! I would say thats a pretty good day!

What are you rockin on the iPod right now?

Well as of right now i can only play cd’s in my truck so the only time i really get to listen to my ipod is when Im flying but the artist I listen to the most as of right now would definitely be Johnny Cash, He has so many good songs and if I get bored of him ill toss on some Andre Nickatina!

Aside from the fact that it has a pretty pathetic climate for wakeboarding and snowboarding, what is the worst part of being from Saskatchewan?

The worst part of being from saskatchewan is definitely the ridiculously long fall we have. There is literally two months where it is to cold to wakeboard and there isnt any snow on the ground so thats my least favourite part.

What is the best part of being from Saskatchewan?

Now the best part of being from Saskatchewan would have to be the drive it gives extreme athletes because we dont have any mountains so when we do get to ride mountains we charge as hard as we can always First in Last out! and on the wakeboard side of things we have a very short window of time where we can ride so it really makes us go for it! I love the determination it give us.

Any shoutouts or thank yous?

MY family first of all then Max at Oneill and james at class five snowboards and Burwell at burwell productions! plus all the people that have helped along the way. Also check out Nuulife cinemas new movie NO JOKE!

2009 edit. Video: Burwell Productions

Craig Mcmorris, Mark Mcmorris, and Adam Burwell battle it out in a ditch somewhere. Video: Burwell Productions

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